Young women in the workforce are burning out faster than ever. We are the least likely to use our vacation days and are quitting jobs faster than our male counterparts. In the transition between jobs, we're leaving minimal time for rest and re-connection to ourselves.
The main problem here is falling victim to societal expectations - which is also a product of our generation. A study by Project Time Off calls this 'martyr complex', i.e feeling the need to be a perfect employee (meaning, take no time off), out of fear of being laid off by bosses, judged by co-workers, or inability to see the plausibility of stepping away from our role.
We're glued to our jobs, and never giving ourselves the chance to become unglued.
In other words, we're stuck.
As a result, the overtime hours pile, and the vacation days go unused. Our bodies need space to rest, move slow, and find their own way back to centre. When we swing between long hours and demanding jobs, our body goes into overdrive and stays there until we change it.
Stress can seem like a normal part of the hob when everyone is stressed out too. Yet, it's the leading reason of every major health condition we face in modern day society. Stress is killing us, yet it's socially accepted - praised, even - as people would rather be seen as hardworking than lazy. This needs to change. And this is where self-care comes in. We are better friends, employees and contributors when we prioritise our mental and physical well-being, above all else.
The reality is, we can meditate and workout and drink all the green juice. We can do yoga as a daily practice. But sometimes we need something more. Sometimes we need to physically uproot ourselves, in a major way, in order to allow our body a chance to naturally reset.
This is the thing about travel. The experience in itself is a self-correcting mechanism for change. This is because embarking on the trip automatically causes everything to shift. Our routines change, timezones are different, major relationships are not a part of the every day. This gives us an opportunity to change our habits and our thoughts. When we do this, our life changes too.
Travelling allows us space to have an enriching experience with ourselves and our world. When this happens, we drop the stress, lose the weight, anxiety, uncertainty and overwhelm, without any medicine. All of conditions which were a by-product of stress melt away.
When we create space for harmony to enter into our lives, it flows in, and we find a newfound ease. This all happens naturally - the only thing you did was book the trip. 
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