Claire Tagg toys with the interplay between glamour and destruction, using digitally printed oriental flora and fauna in lush pinks and golds for AW18. Her concept explores the uniform for her past life as an air-hostess, with deconstructed and reinterpreted jackets and ingenious seatbelt fastenings alongside rich textures, elaborately sequinned separates, and abstract splashes of brilliant colour.
Surrounded by an all-white stage, it is clear to see how Tagg's influence has stemmed from the transition and beauty arising from the development of flowers during the spring and autumnal seasons with the nude and natural makeup palette on the models allowing for the clothing to essentially speak for itself. The modelsĀ  look heavenly while adorned in the clothing, with themes of innocence and virginal beauty lending a developmental story to the collection about the growth of nature as the models descend from the stage in a graceful manner to manoeuvre around the hungry crowd.
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