Oversized clothing is quite literally the biggest fashions secret in the industry at the moment. We're offering you a peek into the giant world of jumpers. But why are these jumpers so large? What is the meaning behind this trend? How big is too big?
First let us answer the question of why oversized clothes will be the next big thing. Any avid fashionista will be aware of the current trend of ripped jeans, moth-bitten clothes designed to simulate the look of 'over-worn' clothing without actually having to be 'over-worn' (brilliant!). to create this look, less fabric is needed for each production line in factories, as they currently have more fabric than they known how to use - we just aren't using the fabrics fast enough. Build-ups have been happening in factories world-wide, and this threatens to drive down the price of future fashion items. The fashion industry is, as always, ready to counter tricky problems like this. Introducing the solutions: oversized clothes. The excess fabrics will be used in an ingenious way which allows the normal production line to continue... just as an enlarged version of itself.
However, it's so much more than this. Throughout history, fashion has been a way to express our 'unique' identity and lifestyle. It has allowed us to say so much, without ever having to speak. In our modern age of excess - what says more about our lifestyle than wearing something which has more fabric on it than we would ever need? This is why the oversized will rise - it demonstrates our wealth as a society and our habit of moving onto the next big thing, neatly expressing our desire to have more. It is proof of the artistic problem-solving skills present in modern fashion.
But how big is too big? Where will it all stop? As the trend develops we predict the biggest icons will try to out-size one another. The red carpet will feature nothing more than a blanket of clothes strutting its stuff for the world to see. If you have the confidence to pull off something huge, you should take the chance and go for it. But the more reserved amongst us will go for a look which still allows them to use their hands.
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