It can sometimes be difficult to navigate your style. For myself, questioning my clothing rotation of the moment used to be a quarterly crisis. I would start to ask myself existential questions such as: what does my style and everyday look portray? Am I unique? Who am I, exactly? Aside from all the unanswerable questions, I found that when all my outfits started to look the same, I could only point out the looks I didn't want instead of what I'd like to achieve stylistically.
So for the reasons stated above, I often found myself uninspired with my look. I believe these less than positive feelings might have been due to my own insecurities coupled with the jealousy of others' style. Specifically, my bad habit of comparing myself to the luxurious lives of top fashion editors and bloggers. My justification of this and only hope out of the constant questioning seemed to be that fashion is the easiest way to alter your appearance, despite the expense.
I bought clothes based on trends, and would add new articles to my wardrobe every other week. After shopping I found I was emotionally drained instead of happy with my new purchases - was beginning to think retail wasn't for everyone. More recently, I wondered how I would ever be able to work in the industry I love, if I wasn't even comfortable in my personal style.
However I now realise nothing has to be set in stone, so instead I opt for channelling my mood when I get dressed. To start on the path of wearing whatever  wanted, whenever I wanted, I made the decision to abandon how I felt about judgment and social approval. Having more spontaneity in my outfits has been liberating.
I no longer feel trapped or pressured when new collections are released. I finally feel content and confident in the way I represent myself. My personal style currently operates on the basis of buying items that add value to my life and pieces that elevate my existing wardrobe.
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