Few things excite me more than hearing about an up and coming fashion collaboration. I think that collaborations represent the true brilliance and creativity within the industry. With collaboration, you get two different creative minds that work together towards one vision. Joining mass-market with haute-couture, collaboration is something that has been embraced in the industry for years. A collaborative approach is a popular way to expand brand exposure for labels and it's proven to be well received by consumers. 
Some retailers, like H&M, are known for collaborating with high-end designers. H&M has teamed up with labels such as Marni, Alexander Wang and Versace, and from this they have produced some world-renowned campaigns. The newest collaboration, H&M x Kenzo, was recently released. The fast-fashion retailer joined forces with the high-end French luxury house, Kenzo and from it an energetic and creative campaign came to life. Kenzo's designers, Humberto Leon and Carol Lim, used tiger stripes as a key print in the campaign. Stocked in 250 stores worldwide and online, the collaboration offered colourful patterns and printed pieces at an affordable price in comparison to Kenzo's luxury price point. Within hours, this highly sought after collection was almost sold out.
I also find collaborations that occur outside the industry, like a label teaming up with a celebrity or artist to be just as innovative and successful. Kanye West's historic Adidas collaboration in making the 'Yeezy' sneaker is something that will likely never be forgotten. Both parties almost always benefit from a collaboration, and us consumers are almost always grateful that they decided to join teams.
Just a few years back, high fashion collaborations were still in its nascent stages. Often confronted with fears of tarnishing a luxury house name, the two rarely worked with each other. However, the landscape of fashion has become increasingly democratised, and the formula of offering limited edition pieces has proved to be extraordinarily lucrative and beneficial for both parties, as well as the customers all over the world.
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